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About Bitcoin Union

What is the Bitcoin Union?

When Bitcoin became the first cryptocurrency in 2009, there was much skepticism regarding the newly formed asset class. However, after the release to the public, there were numerous other cryptocurrencies which came out to the financial trading scene. Since then, the cryptocurrency market has reached amazing historical highs. Bitcoin skyrocketed to a peak of just below $20,000 by the end of 2017, resulting in many early investors becoming incredibly wealthy.

Since the incredible performance of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency market has come off its historic highs and has experienced significant volatility. For many investors, this volatility has created some insecurity and has made many traders hesitant to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptos. However, the volatility, despite the increased risk, can provide great opportunities for profits. You can make plenty of money if you are able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the right time to capitalize on the market fluctuations.

Bitcoin Union can be an indispensable tool in this endeavor. Our automated software has one of the most accurate algorithms in the market today. The algorithm boasts an unprecedented 99.4% accuracy rate. This means almost every single one of the trade signals you receive from our software will result in a profit, despite the market volatility.

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About Our Team

The team behind the Bitcoin Union software was assembled with the aim to empower as many people as possible to be able to trade the financial markets profitably, especially Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The founding members of the team have varying professional backgrounds and they have combined their experience and knowledge to develop an automated trading software that focuses on the crypto and Bitcoin markets. The team consists of expert traders, well-respected economists and computer technology professionals.

The result of combining this knowledge and experience is the Bitcoin Union trading software. This automated trading software provides highly accurate trade signals. The intuitively designed interface makes it easy for traders of all experience levels to take advantage of the many profitable trading opportunities in the markets. Also, keeping with the original objective of empowering as many people as possible, we have decided to make accessing the software completely free of charge. This means that from right now, you too can start earning real profits from trading cryptos – so sign up today and change your financial future!