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Bitcoin Union

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Bitcoin Union provides investors with an automated software which requires little effort for you to make consistent profits from the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets. The advanced algorithm will automatically scan the markets in search of high probability trade opportunities. Upon identifying a setup, the software will automatically execute the trade in your trading account. Also, the algorithm will continue trading 24 hours per day, seven days per week to ensure you do not leave any profits on the table.


Bitcoin Union’s trading algorithm implements 22 different indicators measuring fundamental, technical and sentimental variables. Also, we have integrated the latest in artificial intelligence technology in order to provide users with highly accurate trade signals. The software has a 99.4% accuracy rate. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the significant risk of online trading since almost every trade signal will result in profits. Now, even new traders can trade and succeed. Register for your free trading account now and start making consistent profits!


Our powerful trading software is highly responsive and accurate due to the latest technological advancements which we have implemented into the software application. This technology allows the Bitcoin Union algorithm to have a time leap of seconds which means it is that far ahead of the market. This means the software can predict future market movements accurately. Also, the use of VPS integration ensures the interface is highly responsive with hardly any latency. With the right technology, Bitcoin Union will bring you profits!


Bitcoin Union’s trading algorithm is fully automated which allows you to make tons of money while hardly having to put in any effort at all. Our users generally make a minimum of a thousand dollars per day. This is a golden opportunity to earn passive income on a daily basis so sign up now and join the Bitcoin Union!

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Vanessa C.
Wichita, KS

“The way I found out about the Bitcoin Union was really random. It was just some conversation with a total stranger at a bar who happened to be sitting next to me. At first, I completely dismissed what he was saying. But, after a while, I decided to go ahead and give the Bitcoin Union a try. After a couple of months, it became obvious this software was for real. I am now making thousands of dollars per day.”

Jessica R.
Dover, DE

“I was close to retiring after a successful career as a Wall Street trader. So, when I first heard about Bitcoin Union I was very disinterested. But, I saw how much people were making with this software, so I decided to try it out with just a small investment. I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how much money I was making. I fully endorse the Bitcoin Union. It is a great automated trading application.”

Erik T.
Atlanta, GA

“My elderly father was quite ill with cancer and I was spending most of my time taking care of him. This didn’t leave me much time to hold down a job and earn income. Of course, this eventually became a huge problem and I was running out of solutions until I came upon the Bitcoin Union. This life-saving software allowed me to make tons of money while giving me the freedom to care for my family. Thank you Bitcoin Union!”


You do not have to worry about the risk of loss when using the Bitcoin Union trading software since our trade signals are some of the most accurate in the industry. The software has a 99.4% accuracy rate which means you will hardly have any losing trades. Therefore, you can rest assured your funds are in safe hands with the Bitcoin Union platform.


Only the best brokers have been chosen to partner with the Bitcoin Union. We have carefully vetted our broker partners to ensure they all have top-notch security technology and have fast and responsive platforms. This makes sure you have a quality and secure trading experience. Do not miss out on this opportunity. Signup for a free account now.


It is important to us that we provide you with a safe and secure trading environment. This is why we have implemented strong security measures, including the latest in security technology. You can be sure your funds are safe from any type of illicit or fraudulent activities. We also adhere to applicable laws as well as the KYC and AML standards.




Registration is easy. Complete the registration form on the homepage of this Bitcoin Union website. After submitting your personal details, your new account will be activated within just a couple of minutes. Opening an account is FREE of charge.


Once your account is activated, you will need to deposit funds into your account before you can start trading. This capital will be used to maintain your positions in the markets. The minimum required investment is only $250. This money can also be withdrawn at any time, hassle-free.


Once your funds have been deposited, you will be ready to start making money. First, set your trading parameters to your preferred settings. Then, activate the automated feature of the software and the Bitcoin Union will start making profitable trades for you. It is that simple!


Bitcoin Union Trading Software

Our goal in creating the Bitcoin Union software is to make the financial markets accessible to as many people as possible. Basically, we were attempting to expose the many opportunities in trading to include the average person, not just those on Wall Street. This resulted in an industry-leading trading software which is fully automated and focuses on the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets.

Traders of all levels of experience will easily be able to utilize this intuitive software interface. The software is highly customizable and has a user-friendly design which allows you to easily find where all of the effective features are located. Also, since it is completely automated, you will not require any knowledge of how to read price charts or how to analyze market movements and major economic events. The algorithm will scan the markets for you and execute lucrative trades on your behalf.

Why Choose Cryptocurrencies to Trade?

Many investors are wary of trading cryptocurrencies due to the significant amount of volatility. Despite the many early investors who became quite wealthy, volatility is a reasonable thing to be concerned about. However, with volatility comes great potential for making profits. You just have to be able to decide when is the best time to buy and sell the right cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Union has created the perfect response to this volatility. Our automated trading software has one of the most accurate algorithms available. With a 99.4% accuracy rate, the trade signals you receive will almost all be winning trades, even during the most volatile of periods in the market. Also, the algorithm continues trading 24/7 to ensure you do not miss any opportunities which may arise in the markets.



The Bitcoin Union software provides traders with a fully automated application focusing on the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets. It only requires a few minutes per day to monitor the software and to make the required adjustments. The trading software will do the rest for you, making you consistent and passive income.

You do not have to worry about losing your money since the Bitcoin Union software’s algorithm has a 99.4% accurate rate. This means a losing trade signal will be quite rare with this advanced algorithm’s pinpoint precision.

Most Bitcoin Union traders are bringing in a minimum of $1,000 every day. Also, the software interface has been carefully designed to be as user-friendly as possible. This means that even new traders can now trade and succeed – even if you have no prior online trading experience or an understanding of the markets.

Start on your journey to financial independence. Register with Bitcoin Union today!

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WHY Bitcoin Union ?

Bitcoin Union provides users with numerous advantages. The following are just a select few of these impressive features:


Free Trading Application

Bitcoin Union is completely free for you to access. There are no hidden fees and no commissions. We do not charge any money to register for a new account. No fees will be charged when you deposit and withdraw funds.


Numerous Tradable Assets

There are a wide array of assets you will be able to choose from to trade with the Bitcoin Union software. Some of the cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, IOTA, Monero and BAT. You will also be able to trade stocks, Forex and commodities.


Web-Based Software

The Bitcoin Union software is a web-based interface. Therefore, you will never have to worry about downloading or upgrading any software to be able to access our powerful trading app.


Precision Trading

Our trade signals are highly accurate which assures you that your risk will be minimized with the Bitcoin Union. The advanced algorithm has a 99.4% accuracy rate.


Streamlined Registration

The registration process for the Bitcoin Union is quick and easy. Just submit the brief registration form on our website. Within minutes, your new account will become activated and you can start trading instantly.


Consistent Profits

Since the cryptocurrency market never stops operating, we have designed the Bitcoin Union software to also keep trading 24/7. In this way, you will be constantly making profits even while you are asleep.


Low Required Deposit

The barrier to entry for the Bitcoin Union is quite low. The minimum required deposit is only $250. However, if you wish to, you can always deposit more if you want to make more profits.


Numerous Banking Options

Bitcoin Union traders have various options for banking to choose from. We accept most major credit and debit cards. Bank wire transfers and eWallets are also available options.


Demo Account

As a member of the Bitcoin Union, you will have access to our demo account feature which allows you to try out the interface before actually putting any real funds at risk in the market.


Customer Service

Bitcoin Union provides you with professional customer support that is available 24/7. We are always ready to find the answers to any questions or concerns which may arise.

Bitcoin Union Unique Features

Bitcoin Union has many unique features which can be quite advantageous for traders. The following are a few of those:


The software has implemented VPS (Virtual Private Server) technology which enables fast trade execution without any worry about poor connections and computer crashes.

Time Leap

The Bitcoin Union software has a second time leap which means the algorithm can predict the direction of future price movements in order to capitalize on market fluctuations.

Customizable Software

The Bitcoin Union trading application is highly customizable and allows you to set your trading parameters to fit your risk tolerance and financial goals.

Automated Trading

Our powerful trading software can be fully automated. Therefore, it only takes a couple of minutes each day to monitor the software while the algorithm does the rest. You will be making passive income without hardly any effort.




How much do I have to pay to trade with the Bitcoin Union?

Nothing. You do not have to pay any fees at all for using Bitcoin Union. This means we will not charge a registration fee. There are no commissions and no hidden fees. Also, it is free to make withdrawals and deposits.


How much money can I expect to earn from using the Bitcoin Union software?

Bitcoin Union users generally make an average of around a thousand dollars on a daily basis. However, how much you make will depend on how much capital you invest and how much risk you are willing to take. There are many of our users who are making much more than the average.


Does it take a lot of time to consistently make money with the Bitcoin Union?

It hardly takes any time and effort at all to earn profits using the Bitcoin Union software. Only a couple of minutes per day to adjust the trading parameters of the software is all that is required. The Bitcoin Union algorithm will do the rest, making you profits 24/7.


Is Bitcoin Union a Legit Software?

Bitcoin Union is definitely the real deal. This is a legitimate trading application that can make you plenty of money. In fact, the US Trading Association has recognized the Bitcoin Union as one of the best cryptocurrency software applications available today.


Is Bitcoin Union like MLM or Affiliate Marketing?

No, this groundbreaking software has nothing to do with MLM or Affiliate Marketing. Instead, it is an award-winning, effective, automated crypto trading software that enables anyone to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies profitably.